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Bible Studies & Small Groups

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Women's and Men's Bible Studies

Spring 2020

Men's Lunch Bible Studies begin  the week of January 15 - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at noon.    Contact Anita for your lunch order and contact Murray Gossett for information on the Bible studies - 373-4242.

Small Groups and Bible Studies are made up of 6-12 individuals who want to study a specific topic and share their thoughts candidly. There is more accountability in joining a Small Group or Bible Study. If you're not there, you will definitely be missed. There is an opportunity for everyone to share opinions about the topics being discussed. Small Groups simply 'do life' together.

 Interested in joining or starting a Small Group? Contact Murray or Emily.

Go to to find more info about women’s Bible studies.

Alzheimer’s Support/Awareness Group for Caregivers- Mondays at noon

Do you or someone you know care for a family member or loved one who has Alzheimer’s? This is an Alzheimer’s support/awareness group. It will not be an educational class per se; however, a video or printed material may be available from time to time. The focus will be more on sharing with one another the struggles and challenges of caring for a loved one with this tragic disease.  Inquiries, please call 373-4242 or email.