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Care Ministry

We sincerely care about you and what is going on in your life. 
 * Many of our members visit Sidelined Saints (home bound) regularly. 
 * Elders and others visit regularly with those in the hospitals and rehab facilities
 * We have a Wholeness Ministry Team of trained medical professionals who are willing to   help with medical questions and do blood pressure screening. 
 * Our Bereavement Team feels called to a ministry of serving those who have lost a loved one. 
 * And, our pastoral staff desires to be of help to you whenever you need them.  

Also available if needed:  
Alzheimer’s Support/Awareness Group for Caregivers
Coordinated by Jan Hargrave and Jim Currie, pastored by Joan Gaines
Meets in Wilkins Parlor at the church on Mondays at noon.

Do you or someone you know care for a family member or loved one who has Alzheimer’s? This is an Alzheimer’s support/awareness group. It will not be an educational class per se; however, a video or printed material may be available from time to time. The focus will be more on sharing with one another the struggles and challenges of caring for a loved one with this tragic disease.  Inquiries, please call 373-4242 or email.