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Sunday mornings:

1st/2nd, 3rd, 4th/5th grade classes have already begun a new curriculum for 2018 called Faith Weavers NOW.  This curriculum weaves together three elements to create a lasting imact: 

-Explore the whole Bible every 3 years

-Engage kids through proven, Jesus-style teaching methods

-Empower family conversation by synchronizing all age levels

Wednesday nights:

First Pres Kids are continuing Faith Weavers NOW curriculum on Wednesday nights. They have 3 stations where they have an interactive lesson, a craft/game, and a prayer station. This prayer station has become a very special part of the Elementary Kids' week. They have learned that God is a safe place to share their hurts, concern and needs. Their prayers are put into a treasure box because scripture tells us that the Lord treasures our prayers and our tears. He cares for us.