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First Pres Kids Events

Elements of Trust VBS


First Pres 2015 Science VBS is June 1-4, 9 a.m. till noon.

Online registration begins May 1.


What do you get when you add 22 awesome adults, 7 superb Scouts, 17 sincere youth and 20 stellar staff with 58 First Pres Kids and 32 community kids?

You get magic sand that illustrates how the blood of Jesus saved us from our sins, rockets that soar high toward heaven, slimy snacks, Hollywood snow, marshmallow catapults, balls that show us how to behave, test tubes, eye droppers, copper pipe, magnets and lots more VERY COOL science.

You sing God's Word, see silly skits about sin boxes. You get Mr. Butterfield and Archibald. You get water balloons, gumdrop bridges, slime tag and sunshine.

Best of all, you get the Holy Spirit moving. You get 8 kids (or more) asking their parents questions about how they can be sure Jesus Christ is their Savior. You get kids going home, looking up Scripture and sharing it with their families. You get plenty of seeds planted for a future harvest.

Thank you to EVERYONE who gave their time and talents to work at VBS. Thank you, parents, for bringing your sweet children. We were humbled and amazed at what God did at VBS this year!