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Save the Date - Men's Retreat 2017

OCTOBER 13-15 - 2017 - Glorieta, New Mexico

Speaker -Orlando Lopez 

  Biblical Wisdom for A Man’s 

Greatest Struggles 

 Let’s be honest. Men, yes even strong Christian men, have struggles. Real struggles. Many of those struggles center around three questions: 

How do I handle 

Power?  Money?  Sex? 

Often, men struggle through these areas barely surviving when we were truly meant to thrive. Men face these struggles alone when we were designed for community. Join us as we explore what the Bible says about handling those difficult areas of our life. Come ready for fun. Come ready for real talk. Come ready for transparency. Come ready to be challenged.  

Orlando has been in full-time Christian ministry for more than twenty years. He has served as a senior pastor for bilingual churches in Texas and Louisiana. He presently partnering with First Pres and Young Life to develop a Young Life Club at Caprock High School. He has lived in Amarillo with his beautiful wife of 21 years, Dena, and children, Angela (19), Gabriel (15) and Jon (13), for almost 12 years. The Lopez enjoy the company of 2 pets-- Riddick, a chi-weiner, and the indefatigable Meia, a Portuguese water dog/Havanese mix. In his spare time Orlando enjoys… Who are we kidding… He doesn't have spare time! He is presently working on his M.Div through the West Texas extension of Denver Seminary and hopes to be done before turning 50!

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Typically, men don't have that many close friends in life. People to really talk to on a deeper level. First Presbyterian Church of Amarillo has a very active Men's Ministry program under the guidance of Dr. Murray Gossett.

MEN'S LUNCH BIBLE STUDY  Begin the week of September 11, 2017

Join us at noon on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for Men's Lunch Bible studies.  

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