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Nursery and Preschool Worship

Nursery and Preschool Worship

Sun, March 1, 20208:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Our well-staffed Nursery is available on Sunday mornings during the 8:30 am service, Sunday School hour and during the 11:00 am and 1105 Services. 

A combined Preschool Worship is available during the 11:00/1105 service. At First Pres we practice "Parenting in the Pew" and we invite parents to bring their children into the worship service to participate as a family. To help include the children, many weeks in our 11:00 and 1105 Worship services, a Children's Sermon is given and the children come to the front and sit on the floor around the teacher. Also paper and crayon stations are prepared so the children can take "notes" during the other sermon. 

We know that each child is ready to join their family at their own pace. Therefore, Preschool Worship is available for children who are not yet ready to participate in the church service. Also, you are welcome to help your child with that transition by doing both for a few weeks: start in the corporate worship service and (when they can sit still no longer) slip out and bring them to the Preschool Worship class. And you are always welcome to do that any time your child has the wiggles! We understand that some days are like that.