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Sunday morning:

Our Preschool curriculum for 2018 is the FaithWeaversNOW program. This Curriculum weaves together three elements to create a lasting imact: 

-Explore the whole Bible every 3 years

-Engage kids through proven, Jesus-style teaching methods

-Empower family conversation by synchronizing all age levels

Wednesday Night:  (Begins again January 17, 2018)

Our Wednesday Night Preschool classes for 2018 will use the same Faith Weavers NOW curriculum as used on Sundays. The partnering curriculum is called Faith Weaver Friends. 

First Pres Parent Co-op Preschool

A Biblically-based, once a week, preschool where parents take turns playing an active role on the teaching team. If you would be interested in this kind of Preschool program for your child, please contact Debbie Laur for more information.

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