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Our Part

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Now it's our turn, as a church family, to do our part. As we think about those in our church currently and how we can use the new facilities to pour into them and make eternal impacts in their lives, we have no way of knowing how God will use each of these lives and their experiences at First Pres to impact the Kingdom of Christ for years to come. It's exciting to think of the possibilities and the stories we might hear, years from now, that will tell how what we do now impacts our community and beyond.

One person can't do it. But we can do it together! The mite that the widow gave didn't make a huge financial impact, yet Jesus said it was the largest gift of all because she gave sacrificially. Not only does God bless our giving and multiply its each, but giving and trusting God with our resources changes our hearts. For Jesus says, " Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." What might we accomplish together? More importantly, how much of an eternal impact might our efforts together make now and in the future?