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Our Vision

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We believe that our growth and mission to reach our community and the world depends on equipping the next generation. This campaign is to raise $5.5 million to update our facilities and to ensure that we have what we need and that those who come after us will have what they need to grow the Kingdom. We're excited to tithe 10% of the funds raised to support local and global mission partners. Locally, we'll give to a ministry house in the San Jacinto neighborhood for our missionaries Orlando Lopez and Kim Zimmer. Globally we'll help renovate a Hope house in Northern Iraq for our missionaries Chris and Greg Callison, and we'll contribute to a training center in Zambia, Africa for our missionary Alan Meenan's ministry. Finally, we'll finish out Sunday school rooms in the Mallasilla Bible Church in La Paz, Bolivia where our missionary Greg Hurst ministers.

The A&O House has serious safety, upkeep, and capacity issues:

A&O is a growing ministry and an outreach to many kids in our community. Each week, hosting more than 70 kids, there is not enough room for kids to see the stage and comfortably worship. Needless to say, there is not enough room for growth of the ministry, yet new kids keep showing up. The house is very old with a long list of costly repairs.

The Children's Wing requires dates to make safe and secure:

The Children's wing needs a secure point of entry and an updated fire protection system. We want to make sure that children in our care are safe and that their parents feel their children are secure within our facilities. We also want to have more accommodating play areas for children of all ages.

Our Building should exemplify our strategy and values:

We strive for intergenerational ministry, where one generation learns from the others. Our building needs to show that we prioritize all generations. By making the proposed changes, the community will have a better understanding of who we are.

Our Senior Adults need an easier, more accessible front door:

Currently, we lace adequate handicapped parking, and our seniors must walk a long way to get to the Sanctuary. We want to honor them by making their access easier.

• New A&O House

• Safe, updated Children’s Wing with indoor playground and expanded outdoor playground

• Easy access for seniors and more parking designated parking spots

• More obvious front entrance on North side