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Promotion Sunday in Kids Ministry

Promotion Sunday in Kids Ministry

Sun, June 10, 20189:45 AM - 10:45 AM

On Sunday morning June 10th, the Kids Ministry will promote kids to the grade they will enter in the fall. 5th graders entering 6th grade are invited to continue coming on Sunday mornings through the summer, but have already been attending A&O (First Pres Youth Group) with middle school for several weeks. This group will also have a special VBS crew led by our Youth Ministers, Anna McCay and Jake Schroeder, to help with the transition to A&O.

Kindergarteners were kidnapped from their Critterland Sunday School class on May 20th by their soon-to-be 1st Grade Sunday School teacher, Yvonne Murphy. They got to go upstairs and see what it will be like to attend with the elementary kids.

We hope that promoting after school will make more sense to the children and their parents. VBS registration this year is based on the grade you will be entering in the fall. That is new for us. After VBS the children will continue on in their upcoming grade in Sunday School.