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We invite you and your family to join our entire church family for a Bible reading challenge through Exodus! This fall, the sermons (as well as the Sunday school curriculum for all children and students) will be taken from the book of Exodus. So, this reading challenge will help your family hear God from His Word and enrich what you are learning at church! Are you ready? Here’s how it works:

  • Expect big things! The Holy Spirit is at work in our hearts as we study and talk about God’s Word. God promises that His Word will accomplish His purposes and when it goes out, it will not return void.
  • To participate in the challenge, your family will read ten passages from Scripture throughout the fall 2018 Semester. See the attached chart.
  • The attached chart is a SUGGESTED schedule. Staying close to this schedule will keep you in line with the sermons. If you get ahead or behind, don’t worry! Just track your progress, regardless of the date.
  • As you complete each reading, you will add one stone to the jar in the great hall. At the end of the challenge, the stones collected will be used to create a special piece of art representing the way God is connecting and growing us all as we read His Word together.

November 25this the final day of the challenge.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use any version of the Bible that you want. Some that are typically easy to understand are the NIrV (especially for kids) or the NLT.
  • Download the YouVersion Bible App on your phone or tablet. Many of the Bible versions on this App have audio. Your family could listen to the Bible passages in the car or at the dinner table!
  • Pray before you read the Bible. Ask for God to reveal His unique message to each heart.
  • Easy topics to discuss:
  • Connections – what did you hear that makes you think of something in your life?
  • Attributes – what are some characteristics you see of God from this passage?
  • Questions – what words/things did you hear that you want to know more about?

Scripture Passage


Completion Date

Exodus 1:1 – 2:10


Exodus 2:11 – 3:20 


Exodus 5:1 – 6:1


Exodus 7:8 – 10:29


Exodus 11:1 – 12:36 


Exodus 13:17 – 14:31


Exodus 16:1-26


Exodus 17:1-7


Exodus 19:16 – 20:21


Exodus 32:1-25