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Sunday School

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The Sunday School atmosphere allows for more intimate study and growth. There is more conversation and discussion about the lesson. Relationships begin to be formed here that provide a trusting environment in which deeper connections happen.


 Sunday School Fall Schedule

August 18 - December 22

The Fantastic Journey of King David!


Children from preschool to 5th grade will continue on with the Faithweaver Now curriculum, which explores the entire Bible over a span of three years. Every age level will study the same Scripture each week, using age appropriate lessons.  This fall the sermon series will line up with these lessons as well! We are excited that our families will have the chance to learn more about how God worked in and through His humble servant, David.


Nursery for ages 0-2

Preschool worship for children through Kindergarten


9:45 Sunday School Hour

Early Childhood – 1st floor in the Children’s Wing

Infants and Crawlers in the Nursery

Two and early 3 year olds in the Green Room

Combined Preschool class for 3-4 years olds in the Blue Room

Kindergarten (5 yrs) in the Yellow Room

Elementary – 2nd floor in the Children’s Wing

9:45 Combined Gathering in Room 232           

then go to:

1st - 2nd Grade in Room 234

3rd Grade Room 243

4th - 5th Grade in Room 245


Nursery for ages 0-2

Preschool worship for children through Kindergarten



A&O Sunday Mornings

Marcus and Kelli Glass, Emily Wood, Ben Carpenter, Sarah Griffin, Scott Chappell, Nate Kendal, Nick Weddington

A&O House

10:00 a.m.-  Middle School/High School

Small Group Bible Study and discussion over the Scripture from the Pastor’s sermons


“CONTINUED” -COLLEGE-AGED Class – Anna McCay, Kim Talley, Kayla Young

Room: Wilkins Parlor

We will be going through the entirety of Scripture using the “Read Scripture” app through The Bible Project.   Breakfast and coffee available! 



Kaleidoscope – Mary & David Mullin and Jay O’Brien  

Room: 209  

We will continue the study of Hebrews, a chapter a week to attempt to understand the wonderful lessons found there.


Berean Class – Alan Keister, Matt Harkins, Shannon Brooks, Les Simpson, Duane Harp and Karen Jordan

Room: 206

The Gospel of John – Come for discussion of the gospel of John.  We will have large group time as well as small group discussion at our individual tables.  


B-12 Class-Carol Allen 

Room: 203

The Bible and 12 Steps Class(B-12) uses the Life Recovery Bible and workbook ($5) to understand the 12 Steps from a Christian perspective. Anyone who has an interest in the practice of Christian principles relating to life struggles is welcome.


Scriptural Models for the Church: Form and Function – Dan Carter, Orlando Lopez        Parlor

We will be studying the models God provides for the Church and how they translate into her ministry in the world.


Women’s Bible Study - Sherrie Lovato 

Room: 207

We will continue our study through the book of Revelation.


Men’s Bible Study –Darrell Schmidt, Skip Forsyth, Murray Gossett 

Pastor’s Conference Room – 1st floor, south end by offices

Hey guys, looking for a men’s small group?  We will have a deeper discussion as we study through the gospel of John.


The Upper Room - Andrew Amstutz, Alan Keister, Jeff Wyrick, Brian Oliver 

Room: 304

We will start an eight week study on the Lord’s Prayer.    After that we will be going through a study about our “SHAPE” which will be about our spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities and how we can serve the body of believers.  


Leaders:  Blake Milum, Amanda & Brian Kelleher, Lisa & Kim Talley, Nickie & Jared Kirchgessner

575 Pizzeria (7710 Hillside)

GAP will serve as discussion leaders for this class on Sunday evenings.  This is a fantastic, successful outreach program designed to reach the unchurched, de-churched, skeptical, or unsure friends. We are a very interesting group with a current and non- threatening approach with small group discussion and good food.  Childcare provided



Listen to teaching by Dan Carter & Orlando Lopez from the Parlor Sunday school Class Here: