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The Missional Church: Every Member a Missionary

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In the great Commission Jesus tells us that we should “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  In the American church we often think that the great commission is just for the professional missionaries that we support with our finances and prayers.  However, as we look at all of Scripture it is clear that Jesus wants us to be a witness of his love wherever we are (Acts 1:8, Matthew 5:16).  In fact as we look at both the Old and New Testament we can see that we serve a sending God, Missio Dei, a God who sends his people to point others to Him.  Join us as we gather to study God’s word and learn what it means to be the sent people of God, what it means to be a missional church where every member is a missionary.  We will discuss what it means to be a missionary in our neighborhood, our schools, our places of work.  In this sermon series we will seek to discover how we can best represent Christ wherever we are so that God might receive the glory and disciples of Jesus are ultimately made.