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Local Missions

First Presbyterian Church supports these local ministries with our prayers and financial resources. When opportunities arise we serve them with volunteer help as well:

Presbyterian Home for Children
Panhandle Twenty/20
Habitat for Humanity of Amarillo
High Plains Food Bank
Life Challenge
Meals on Wheels
Opportunity School
Samaritan Counseling Center
Kairos Prison Ministry
Salvation Army
Tyler Street Resource Center

International Missions

First Pres believes strongly in the call of the church to reach out into the world by spreading the gospel and showing the love of Jesus Christ. We support a variety of missions around the world:

The Word at Work

The direction of this locally based ministry to Belize in Central America is Rev. Tim Tam.  Tim for many years was on the staff of First Presbyterian Church.  Currently he directs this ministry in Belize where they enable many churches to have an impact there for Jesus Christ.z

Unreached People – Evangelism

We support evangelization of the unreached people groups. (Unreached People = People groups within which there is no viable, indigenous, evangelizing church movement).  First Presbyterian Church has focused on the Digo people of Kenya.  Many of us use the “Global Prayer Digest” a monthly publication that guides us to pray each day for one of the 10,000 unreached people groups.

Dug and Cherie McAlpine

Dug grew up at First Pres and has been called to reach out to international students through the ministry of Navigators at Texas Tech University.

Andy Smith

Andy wears many hats though the ministry of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) in the Philippines.  He trains and disciples other missionaries and helps with church planting and helps develop regional plans for evangelism and church growth.

Individuals in Mission

Our members go with other groups overseas to serve our Lord.  We want to support them with our prayers and our financial resources.

General Mission

Our session has asked our Presbytery (regional governing body) to use this money for only regional purposes and not send these monies on to our national organization.

Mission Contingency

These monies are used for mission purposes that were not foreseen when the budgets were purposed in 2009. One use of these funds is to help First Pres members assemble HIV/AIDs Caregiver Kits to send to Africa through the World Vision organization.

Mission Materials

To help purchase material for the congregation to be better informed about what God is doing outside of Amarillo.

Dan Frank

Dan and his family have moved to Scotland after a number of years in Nazareth, Isreal.  Dan is working for the renewal of a vibrant Christ-centered church in Scotland.

Persecuted Church

Millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer simply for being Christ followers. If one part of the Body hurts, we all hurt. We want to do all we can to support other parts of the Body of Christ,  first with our prayers, then with our financial resources. We regularly send “Actions Packs” through Voice of the Martyrs. We learn to pray specifically through needs gained from Open Doors a ministry to the persecuted church.

Presbyterians for Renewal Youth Ministry

This organization puts on Christ-centered conferences called “Fun in the Son” and the “Great Escape.”  Our youth enjoy these conferences in the Summer!

Greg and Faith Hurst

Greg and Faith are church planters in Bolivia.  They do amazing work of evangelism and discipleship.


After many years of civil war, a fragile peace is maintained in this country. We are supporting the church in the south as it regains its stability and reaches out in Christ’s name.

Billy Swan

Billy is the director of the Dublin Christian Mission in inner-city Dublin. There he reaches lost teenagers and their families with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In June we take a team from our church to help run a summer camp for teenagers.

Takop Hali & Kipa Raju & Khrisi Vijay Kumar

These three young Indians are learning to be church planters in unreached areas of India.  Through the organization Mission India we provide resources for their training and have the joy of learning how our Lord is using them to reach India with the love of Jesus Christ.